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About Prodigies

Conceptualised with a mission, driven by passion and striving for excellence, THE PRODIGIES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is another feather in the cap of ‘Knowledge-savvy’, Bangalore. Known for its noteworthy educational institutions, the capital city of Karnataka has a reputation of providing quality education. We take privilege in creating our own benchmark among the galaxy of prestigious schools here.

Our focus is to grow from strength to strength and emerge as a niche institution that ensures compliance with essential educational quality standards. Our efforts resonate with our aim to bridge the gap between students’ need for quality learning and teachers’ ability in catering to it. The school shall have CBSE syllabus with integrated program.

Located in the most dynamic part of ‘Garden City’, the school premises and classroom facilities have an environment which is welcoming, interesting and comfortable for the child. Ambience is set up in the most serene and natural environment. Security of the child shall be given utmost priority.

As the saying goes, ‘Journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step.’ We are venturing into the world of providing quality education with sincere efforts, strong determination and impeccable standards as our guiding force.

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The pre-primary program is designed to help tiny tots attain optimal perceptual and motor, cognitive and socio-emotional levels. Motor-skill development is the basis for readiness for school education and life in the society. The starting ground is the uniqueness of the child, active learning, and integration in a group and a collective.

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Primary education is typically the first stage of formal education, coming after preschool and before secondary school. This program is designed to give a sound basic education in reading, writing and mathematics along with an elementary understanding of other subjects. It aims to establish a solid foundation for learning.

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Scope and space shall be provided where students build their academic proficiency as well as enhance their innate skills. Holistic development of children will be the core focus.

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