Value Addition

Value Addition

We aim to help the millennials to graduate from our institution as ‘Prodigies’. To achieve this objective, we have envisioned a few programs which will leverage talented students reach their optimal potential and excel in their respective fields.

Individual Support Program (Catalyst & Enhance)

‘CATALYST’ program shall focus on students with distinct talents and innate potential. They shall be supported and guided by ‘Mentors’ and ‘Specialists’ so that their achievements can gain momentum.

‘ENHANCE’ program shall help those students who find it difficult to keep pace with their peers. Special attention and hand-holding shall be given so that they can enhance their learning abilities.

STEER (Staff Training, Evaluation & Empowerment Reinforced)

We provide specific trainings to teachers not just encourage them. And they will be evaluated continuously and feedback will be provided for them to improve.

We believe that when teachers’ confidence increases and when they feel competent in their abilities, classroom instruction will improve. We have chalked out directives to encourage teachers to learn new skills to take their teaching skills to the next level. This in turn will empower them, also increase student learning. As teachers improve together as a staff, individual and school moral can increase. Empowerment also increases productivity when teachers have more time to collaborate. STEER module aims towards teacher empowerment – Motivating the teaching staff to participate in the determination of school goals and policies.

TELL (Tools of Effective Listening & Learning) 

Attention Please, Parents!

Taking parents along as stakeholders in the child’s educational journey, we intend to lay a solid foundation and create an inspiring ambience that enables a holistic development of the child. Parents who are involved in their child’s education impact positive results in the area of the child’s behavior, academics and social interactions.


Not just academics, but overall development. Not just classroom etiquettes, but behavior outside too!

We believe that behavior of a child, good or bad, is derived in a methodical way. We would want parents to be informed and communicated about it. To achieve this initiative, a team consisting of a child psychologist, neutral teacher (not teaching for that class) and a coordinator will analyze and understand behavior of each student at various places like class room, sports facilities, common areas and derive behavioral information. This will help in overall development of the child.