An Overview

An Overview

Motive of Our Initiative

Any magnificent structure requires a foundation that is strong and solid. This has been our guiding principle. As pioneers in the construction industry for many years now, we have created our niche in providing quality structures. The parent company ELV GROUP is predominantly a Real Estate construction group, who has always believed in positive growth. The essence of our philosophy has inspired us in extending our passion into the Education Sector. We have conceptualised and created The Prodigies International School, with the sole intention of providing knowledge, skills and education to students, who can grow up to become strong building blocks of society and nation.

Over the years we have done in-depth research in the field of education and found inference that a lot of scope lies in fine tuning the teaching methodologies. We found it imperative to address the lacunae in the present-day education and take effective initiatives to help the students overcome the learning crisis.

We believe in this philosophy of becoming a part of the solution process, rather than brooding over the problem. Considering the challenges existing in Education scenario of modern times, we understand the concerns of parents, also the dilemma faced by students. So, our focus has been on enhancing learning abilities and encourage activity-based learning for students. Our motto is to take away the pressure of performance and stress of ‘rat-race-routine’ among the students. Instead, we shall leverage life skill lessons and promote innovative thought processes.


To become catalysts in societal transformation by providing skilful education and life-skills tools to students that can enable them to reach their highest potential and achieve proficiency in their own fields.


‘Innate talent in child + motivating environment in school + support from teachers = PRODIGIES’

Our Mission is to help every child unleash his / her potential. We would like to play the role of a catalyst in accelerating their performance, enhance their capabilities or hold hands to overcome hurdles. All support to be extended at each phase during their growth so that they emerge as valuable PRODIGIES.


Our objective is ‘To emerge as a reputed educational institution providing skilful education combining with effective life-skills tools to students, who can emerge as prodigies.’ To achieve this, holistic development of each child will be given prominence. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities will be given equal importance as much as the academics.

Special efforts will be put in to create
  • Patriotism, Social and Cultural Awareness
  • Moral Responsibility
  • Sportsmanship
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Innovative thought process
  • Sensitivity towards environment