Director's Message

Director's Message

We are living in times where information is at finger-tips and the world has become a global unit. It’s competitive and challenging. It has become a double-edged sword for children. Children are exposed to all kinds of information from various sources. Well, thanks to information technology and social media ! Indeed, these are times where, as a society, we need to help them to understand, introspect and process all that ‘information’ they are bombarded with!

So, we at ‘The Prodigies International School’ are creating a climate for learning, providing ambience for thinking and encouraging them for skill-building. We wish to see them graduate from our institution as ‘individuals who live morally, creatively and productively in democratic society.’

As Adam Grants has stated, ‘The Mark of Education is not the Knowledge you accumulate in the Head. It's the skills you gain about how to LEARN!’



Information about the Leadership at Prodigies International School, Bengaluru.

Bhaskar Erugadindla

Bhaskar Erugadindla is founder and chairman of ELV PROJECTS. He was in to multiple businesses but found his passion in construction business. A master of construction methodologies and a great leader of people.

Veera Kumar Oleti

Veera Kumar Reddy Oleti is Vice President of ELV Projects. To make living better and to build healthy societies, he ventured in to the field of constructions. A visionary leader and highly ethical person.

Prabhakar J S

An adroit of construction methodologies with more than 20 years of experience in the field of constructions. End-to-End working knowledge in advanced construction technologies. Specialized in shear wall based high rise constructions.

Suresh Babu A

A self made entrepreneur with expertise in shaping up multiple teams and executing multiple projects. More than 15 years of leadership experience in driving teams across geographies and multiple domains.

Vivek N

Broad technology expertise combined with entrepreneurship experience across multiple domains. Proficient in driving and establishing process and technology driven methodologies.

Venkata Kiran M

Calm and composed but meticulous and highly result oriented. Vast project management experience of more than one and half decade in Multi National Companies.