Articulately chalked out programs include activity-based learning that enhances the child’s learning abilities and empowers their thought processes. This includes sensitizing children towards the environment, motivating them towards a cleaner and greener planet. Various community awareness projects shall aim at making them understand aspects regarding social responsibilities and community support.

  • Activities related to Abacus and Vedic Mathematics shall help kids become ‘Arithmetic-savvy’.
  • Special clubs involving Robotics, Space science and Aero-science will give an insight about the dynamism of Science, beyond classroom syllabus.
  • Theater, Art and craft activities shall channelize their creative talents.
  • Special efforts have been put to involve farming for students so that values like ‘dignity of labor’ and ‘respect for each grain of food’ can be inculcated.
  • Opportunities to learn foreign languages, besides the three mainstream languages shall be a part of the extra-curricular activities.

Extra-Curricular Activities - Club Activities

  • Care-&-Share :- Community Integration Program
  • Evolve-&-Excel :- Dance & Music ( Instrumental & Vocal)
  • Futuristic :- Robotics
  • Celestially yours:- Space Education
  • Fly-high:- Aero Science
  • Abacus
  • Sankhya & Sutra  : - Vedic Mathematics
  • Getting craft-e :- Origami
  • Drame-baaz :- Acting (Theatrics)
  • Curves-&-Colors :- Drawing
  • Getting grounded :- Farming
  • Mind-your-language :- Foreign Language (French/German)

Fitness & Wellness

Physical as well as emotional fitness has been given importance. Various games and sports activities have been included in the routine. Yoga has been given special inclusion to ensure the inner well being too. This shall enhance their focus and attention span. Self-defense practices are also provided to our students.

  • WoW Life (Yoga + Art of Living)
  • Khel-khel-mein :- Sports
  • Knight-in-shining-armor :- Horse Riding
  • Martial Arts


We intend to make the school life for our students very lively. Besides the regular classroom activities, the different events shall become occasions for them to cherish and create memories to nourish. We wish to create each day at school a celebration in its own way, so that our students feel school their ‘Second Home’. To achieve this, we have chalked out special events which can be collectively celebrated. They include

  • Investiture Ceremony
  • National Festivals - Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Gandhi Jayanthi, Kannada Rajyotsava Diwas
  • Religious Festivals
  • World Environment Day
  • World Yoga Day
  • Kindergarten Celebrations – Colors’ Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day

House System

Division of each and every class into four divisions is done with an intention. These divisions club the students of the school in such a way that juniors and seniors get opportunities to work together as teams. The divisions are termed as ‘Houses’ so that the member students get to participate in various inter-house competitions. This in turn motivates them to develop competitive spirit and sense of belonging.